Baseball Update

It has been a wild past month and we haven't shared much- but I want to update you all on where we are, how we are, and what we have been up to!


Extended Spring Training

Our schedule has been pretty laid back during this time and it has looked a lot like normal spring training (duh Caroline, that's the name).

(Of course Clark has his fav cut off shirt I've tried throwing away fifty times...)

(Of course Clark has his fav cut off shirt I've tried throwing away fifty times...)

Usually, Clark has baseball games every morning because it is just so hot in the afternoon. I'm talking 106 degrees, people. This means I get dinner with him every night! This is highly unusual in baseball life, so I am taking full advantage of it while we are here.

Also, he gets one off day a week. So we have actually been able to go to church and explore the area more than we ever could  last season. I'm getting spoiled here and will probably be in shock mode if/when we leave for normal season.

We got into a good routine as the first couple weeks of April began.

Wake up. Take Clark to field. Eat. Game time. Wait for Clark to get out of Clubhouse. Go home. Repeat. 

I was feeling optimistic. My job search was in full swing, Clark was getting into a groove with hitting. But of course, God had something different planned for us than what was on my agenda.


we hit a road block.

When your livelihood depends on a sport, poor health and injury is always a huge fear. I would even throw out the title of "number one fear."

In the middle of a game within the first couple weeks of extended spring training, Clark swung just like normal. But this time the muscles in his lower back froze up and immediately started hurting. He continued to play the rest of the game, thinking they would probably loosen up after some stretching.

Yeah, you know where this is headed...they didn't. And, well they still haven't.

Clark can best describe the problem as feeling like he pulled a muscle in his back. At first we were told/thinking it would be fine after about a week or so of rehab and taking a break from playing.


One week has turned into four. And we're heading into five weeks of no playing currently.

Clark has been doing rehab like crazy, trying every method under the moon and stretching his poor back out non stop. He's consistently had bruises covering his back from the cupping therapy they are doing.

(Click here to see what the heck cupping even is. )




Frustration finds its way in.

Good health is one aspect of life I think WAY too many people take for granted. Clark isn't even seriously hurt, but frustration has been my mood a lot this past month.

Since he can't play, he still goes to the facilities every day- but does therapy all day long. So, I'm finding myself praying to God I could watch another baseball game. And if you know me, you know I probably would have never said that prayer before; baseball is not a favorite sport of mine...believe it or not.

But one thing I am incredibly thankful for is progress.


One month ago Clark couldn't swing a bat without severe pain running  through his back. Now, he can swing 80% and not feel a single bit of pain.

One month ago, Clark couldn't jog without feeling like he had something stuck in his spine. Now, hes able to run and not feel a thing.


Progress is being made. We just have to be patient with what God is doing and live in the moment we have been placed.

Clark is incredibly blessed with amazing trainers and equipment from the Indians who are all rooting for his speedy and thorough recovery to get him back out there.

Plus, he can't contain his hunger to get back to playing and competing either. Anyone else see the athlete in their life always fake swinging a bat & golf club in the kitchen, or pretending to shoot the ball in the bathroom? I can just feel the desire to compete again when I'm around him.


So, where are we and what's next?

First answer - still in Phoenix. Second answer - yup, no idea.

Our first goal is to get Clark healthy.

Next is to secure a job I've been interviewing for for the past month or more.


Then, we will wait to hear where they want to send Clark next or if they want to keep him in Arizona for a while.


Our desire is always for him to be moved up, but our prayers are for God to place us where we need to be. We would love for you to join us in praying for healing, mental/emotional fitness and endurance, and for us to always say yes with joyful hearts wherever the Lord calls us to go.


Much love to everyone who has contacted us with encouragement and have reached out and shared our journeys with the world. Some are old friends and family while others are new friends made through Married to the Diamond. We are grateful for you all!